Hydrogen-rich water is a highly powerful and safe anti-oxidant.

Brief Synopsis: Negative free oxygen radicals in our bodies are the key cause of degeneration, disease and tissue/bone damage in our bodies. Hydrogen-Rich Water eliminates those free radicals by combining with the oxygen molecules to produce safe and harmless H20 (water). Hydrogen can pass through many areas of the body (ie. the brain) that other anti-oxidants cannot, to provide the most effective reduction of damaging free oxygen radicals. Hydrogen-rich water has shown to have significantly positive affects on aging, disease (including cancer, parkinson's, etc), exhaustion, skin tissue and much more. 


Key Health Benefits:

• Removes harmful free oxygen radicals from your body
• Improves cellular health and protection
• Enhances better nutrient absorption in the body
• Better hydration for your body
• Increases blood circulation
• Helps to lower saturated fat levels
• Reduces aging to give healthy looking skin
• Improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility
• Reduces constipation problems
• Aids in lowering cholesterol levels
• Detoxifies your body
• Increases recovery time from physical workout
• Improves quality of life for cancer patients undergoing medical treatment.


Free radicals accelerate aging!

Active oxygen attacks normal cells and the DNA genes within cells, causing over 70 different fatal diseases including cancer, mutation, blood vessel disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.



Only hydrogen (H2) can pass through cell membranes to eliminate harmful free radicals, yet retain the necessary Superoxide and Peroxide (see above). Hydrogen selectively reacts with harmful free radicals Hydroxy Radical and Singlet Oxygen (see above). Free radicals combined with hydrogen are transformed into safe and harmless water.

The best Anti-oxidant 

Drinking 2 litres of hydrogen water contains the same anti-oxidant affect as eating... 



Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)

Reduction is the opposite force of oxidation. It is the strength of an anti-oxidant. ORP is a measurement of the likelihood of a substance to oxidize (oxidation potential) or reduce (reduction potential). The lower the ORP the greater the substance's anti-oxidant strength.


The Oxidation Reduction Potential of Hydrogen water is -550 mV.


Dissolved hydrogen (PPM)

Dissolved Hydrogen is measured in PPM.  1 PPM means 1mg of hydrogen is dissolved in 1L of water. 


Our Hydrogen-Rich Water Systems

Our systems produce a much higher level of Dissolved Hydrogen (PPM) and lower level of ORP (mV), than other water systems that use electrolysis to alkalize the water (Kangen, etc). Also, the main benefit of those systems is actually now believed to be the small amount of dissolved hydrogen and lower ORP levels, not the alkaline.

Hendy:   ORP:   -200 mV  and  0.3 - 0.9 PPM dissolved hydrogen

Ellaim:  ORP:   -350 mV and 0.9 PPM dissolved hydrogen

SMS-1200:  ORP:   -500 mV and  0.9 - 1.15 PPM dissolved hydrogen