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 Berkey Water Systems in Calgary, AB, Canada. #1 Berkey Dealer in Canada. We strive to offer the very best customer service for Berkeys in Canada. Travel Berkey Big Berkey Royal Berkey Imperial Berkey Crown Berkey. Calgary, Alberta, CanadaPurifi Water Canada provides Drinking Water for a Healthy Life. We believe in revitalizing individuals, families and communities with clean, healthy and fresh water. Berkey Water Filters is one of our key offerings in our goal to provide revolutionary drinking water solutions.


We have a physical Retail Location in Canada. We'd love for you to stop by!  We carry the full Berkey line, always striving to have every Berkey model and Berkey accessory in stock. We also offer free shipping to every province across Canada for orders over $100.


If you don't see what you need, just give us a call at 403-261-7873 or email at We do our best to go above and beyond.


Health & Wellness
Healthy Living starts with clean water. Berkey Purifiers can help.
Outdoors & Disaster Planning
Be ready with a Berkey Purification System.
Home & Family
Berkey Purifiers provide your family with the best possible water.          


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34 products found in Berkey Water Systems Canada

Black Berkey® Purification Elements
  • $225.00

Sold out

Fluoride & Arsenic Filters (PF-2)
  • From $119.00
Santevia Alkaline Mineral Stones
  • $42.00
Stainless Steel Spigot for Berkey
  • $31.00
Berkey Glass Sight Spigot
  • From $66.00
Stainless Steel Berkey Base
  • From $62.00
Travel Berkey (1.5 Gallons / 5.7 Litres)
  • From $468.00
Big Berkey (2.25 Gallons / 8.5 Litres)
  • From $525.00
Royal Berkey (3.25 Gallons / 12.3 Litres)
  • From $583.00
Imperial Berkey (4.5 Gallons / 17 Litres)
  • From $644.00
Crown Berkey (6.0 Gallons / 22.7 Litres)
  • From $683.00
Primer for Black Berkey
  • $37.00
Original Berkey Sport Bottle
  • From $37.00

Sold out

Berkey® Lookout™ Bottle - 26 Oz. (.76 L)
  • $27.00

Sold out

Berkey® Inline Shower Filter
  • From $55.00

Sold out

Berkey Shower Filter
  • $75.00

Sold out

Berkey Tote for Berkey Purifiers - BLACK
  • From $81.00

Sold out

Berkey Tote for Berkey Purifiers - GREY
  • From $77.00

Sold out

Dealer Refurbished Berkey Systems
  • From $399.00


LifeStraw Go with 2 Stage Filtration
  • $64.95
  • $59.95
LifeStraw Play
  • $49.95
LifeStraw Go - Carbon Capsule Filter
  • $14.99

Sold out

Berkey Light Base Only
  • From $36.00
Berkey: Light
  • $414.00