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The best hot and cold water cooler for your home or office.


The Avalon hot and cold water cooler is made with innovation and style to meet even the highest expectations. When you use our sturdy water cooler dispenser you can choose between a crisp cold & piping hot options, making it ideal for cool refreshments or toasty beverages.

Purifi Water offers a variety of coolers from Avalon and ThermoConcepts. Water coolers are offered for in-store purchase or free delivery within Calgary.

15 products found in Water Coolers in Calgary, AB.

Avalon A1 Top-loading Water Cooler
  • $299.00
Avalon A4 Black Bottom-Loading Bottled Water Cooler
  • $329.00
Avalon A3 Stainless Bottom-Loading Cooler
  • $429.00
Avalon A5 Stainless Point-of-Use Cooler with Filtration
  • $459.00
Avalon A7 Black Point-of-Use Cooler with Filtration
  • $459.00
Avalon A1ct Counter Top Water Cooler
  • $289.00
Avalon A8 Countertop Point-of-Use Cooler with Filtration
  • $459.00

Sold out

Avalon 2 Stage Replacement Filters for Avalon Bottleless Water Coolers
  • $139.00
Bottle Pump (Dolphin)
  • From $33.95


Limited Time SALE!!! Bottle Buddy Storage Rack (3 & 5 Gallon Bottles)
  • $199.00
  • $119.00
Fahrenheit White Water Cooler
  • From $339.00

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S3 Stainless Water Cooler
  • From $399.00
Black Lid for S3 Cooler (Lid Only)
  • $39.00
Stainless Steel Lid for S3 Water Cooler
  • $75.00
Float Guard (Thermo Concepts)
  • $39.50