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Purifi Water Canada believes in providing great drinking water for a healthy life. And we think this starts in the home. Why wait for a disaster or vacation to start enjoying great tasting, healthy water? Drink life today!

Berkey® systems have become the leader in home water purification. They clearly surpass other water filter methods in their ability to remove viruses and harmful contaminants. Berkey® offers options to fit every family size and budget. In addition, since the Berkey® systems are free-standing, they fit easily in most kitchens or adjacent living areas.

Berkey® systems are gravity-fed and do not require power, so they can even be used during power outages. Having a Berkey® system is the best way to ensure that your family has a constant supply of fresh, pure drinking water.




Purifi Water Canada stocks all models of Berkey Water Filter Systems including Go Berkey, Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey and Crown Berkey. We also have a wide range of Berkey accessories. Feel free to call us, email us or visit us in store.