Berkey Water Filters - Now Available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

New Product Announcement:

Purifi (Purified Water Store) is now offering the complete line of Berkey Water Filters including: Go Berkey, Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, Crown Berkey and Berkey Light. We also offer Berkey Black Filters, PF-2 (Fluoride and Arsenic) filters, Berkey shower filters and more.

Berkey Water Filters are also available across Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and all Territories). We offer free shipping across Canada on all the Berkey models.

Special Discount Codes:

5% off when ordering 2 or more Berkey Filter Systems: HW2DYG973N4L

10% off when ordering 4 or more Berkey Filter Systems: 4J210DDESMMG

*** Must ship to same address. Must be purchased at the same time on the same order. ***



Berkey Water Systems provide the best internationally renowned water purification system to use in clean or hostile filtration environments. Utilize any natural water source with a Berkey Water System to obtain the best tasting and purest filtered drinking water possible through a natural purification method instead of a using chemicals or complicated processes. Through rigorous and diligent testing and research, the Berkey System can remove viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites to non detectable levels and harmful or unwanted chemicals to below detectable levels. The Berkey Water System is so advanced that it has the added ability to reduce toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without removing the beneficial and nutritional minerals needed to support a healthy mind and body. Portable and efficient, the Berkey Water filter can be used to filter non-portable or unhealthy water in emergency situations where electricity and pressure are not available.

Berkey® systems have become the leader in home water purification. They clearly surpass other water filter methods in their ability to remove viruses and harmful contaminants. Berkey® offers options to fit every family size and budget. Health-conscious people around the world have recognised that the foundation to a healthy life and healthy body is clean, fresh drinking water. Unfortunately, securing your access to good tasting, sparkling, and wholesome drinking water can be harder than you might expect. Water is often laced with chlorine, lead, high levels of harmful bacteria, unwanted chemicals and contaminants. Frequently, these produce unpleasant tastes and odors.

Berkey® systems are gravity-fed and do not require power, so they can even be used during power outages. Having a Berkey® system is the best way to ensure that your family has a constant supply of fresh, pure drinking water. During an emergency situation or natural disaster, the need for safe, accessible drinking water becomes urgent. Berkey® systems are ideal water purification system to have on hand during times when treated tap water may not be available. Berkey® systems are capable of purifying untreated water from sources such as rivers, lakes, streams and wells.

Most other filtration systems are inferior because they do not remove viruses or bacteria, and many remove the beneficial minerals that your body needs. Perhaps that’s why Berkey® systems have long been recognized as the world’s ultimate in water purification.