Hendy ARUI Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer



The Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer, Hendy, transforms regular tap water into a healthy Hydrogen-Rich Antioxidant Water on the go!

Featuring 2 Platinum Titanium Plates, it is capable of producing Antioxidant Water with ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) levels of -200mV within within just 3 minutes! Even lower levels can be achieved by repeating the cycle. It is recommended to keep the ORP levels of the Antioxidant Water below -350 (usually requires two cycles)

The Ultra-Portable design with USB rechargeable battery is a convenient way to make Antioxidant Water while traveling. The battery can be fully charged during 3 hours and is good for 50 cycles of use. This will allow to prepare 5+ Gallons of Hydrogen-Rich water on a single charge! It can be charged using the included USB charger with International/US electricity plugs or using a charger from a Cell Phone's USB charger or from a PC/Notebook's USB port.

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