SUMISU Hydrogen Water System

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Regular Price: $2500


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Features & Performance:

A.  Generates highly-concentrated hydrogen water: 900-1150 ppb (0.9-1.15 PPM) of dissolved hydrogen.

B.  Strong reduction potential (measure of antioxidant strength): ORP values of  –450 ~ –580mv

C.  Creates neutral pH Hydrogen Water: 7.2 ~ 7.8 pH (Neutral)

D.  Five Stage Water Filtration System. 3 Water Filters. Hydrogen. Water Cluster Activator.

E. Hydrogen Generator [Patent]. Adaption of PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) type. 0.1% of purified water used for generating hydrogen. Different from the common alkaline electrolysis method.

F. WCA (Water Cluster Activator) [Patent]


What are the differences from other products?

  • There is no electrolysis. Instead, SUMISU injects produced hydrogen to the water line.
  • No pH change, keeping water safe for all users.
  • Creates Hydrogen-rich Water and Water Cluster Activated (WCA) at the same time.
  • Free from water scale issues, common with electrolyzers
  • Includes water filtration system for municipal water source.
  • Produces Hydrogen water immediately. No delay.



Origin: Made in Korea / DONEX Co. Ltd.

Tubing: 1/4"

Weight/Size: 4.3kg / 40 cm x 34 cm x 12cm 

Parts Replacement: Water Filters (6-12 months), WCA (1-2 years), H2 Generator (1800hrs, 4-5 years)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What method does it use to add Hydrogen to the water?

The manufacturer says that the system does not use electrolysis on the drinking water as a whole. Instead it injects produced hydrogen into the water line. They call it PEM (proton exchange membrane). It only uses 0.1% of the purified water to generate the hydrogen and then infuses it back into the water. It’s different than the common alkaline electrolysis method. Here’s a link to how they describe it. The product is manufactured in Korea and is fairly new to North America.

2. What maintenance is involved?

The only maintenance is changing the filters. 

3. How often do I need to change the filters?

Water Filters (6-12 months). Water Cluster Activator (1-2 years). H2 Generator (4-5 years).

4. What is the lifespan of the SUMISU?

With regular filter changes, we estimate that the system would last 10-20 years.


Other Notes:

1. The SUMISU comes with a special power adapter to be used in North American outlets.
2.  The Sumisu requires installation into a supply water line. We include an adapter.
3. The Sumisu does not work well with softened water as this will clog the filters. If you are using softened water, we recommend first putting the water through a Reverse Osmosis system. This will also enhance the life the SUMISU filters.


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